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    Watts FS Europe Technical Price list 2017_Seite_001.jpg

    Technical Price List 2017,
    55 mb

    Components for gas and fuel oil systems, boiler room, pressure gauges and thermometers, balancing devices, pre-insulated flexible piping, thermal energy metering, home automation and comfort control, distribution system, valves for radiators.


    Components for gas, diesel and fuel oil system,
    10 mb

    Giuliani Anello is the Watts product line for combustion systems since 1962.

    A complete
    range of products for heating and industrial burners of diesel oil,
    fuel oil, gas oil and gas
    safety systems.


    Catalogue Microflex,
    8 mb

    Highly flexible pre-insulated PEXa
    pipes for hot and cold potable water, cooling water, wastewater
    and other fluids.
    Catalogue Instrumentation Watts Pressure Gauges

    Instrumentation Catalogue,
     7 mb

    Pressure gauges, thermometers, combined devices.